Advance Care Planning Posters: Use these posters in your community to promote advance care planning.

General Speak Up Multilingual Posters made available by William Osler Health System available in these languages.

Advance Care Planning 5 Steps

This Infographic simply describes the advance care planning process. It is meant to be used by primary care providers in their offices –either as a handout or poster.

5 Steps Multilingual Posters made available by Fraser Health Authority, available in the following languages:

Infographics: Looking for easy ways to explain advance care planning? We’ve designed new infographics available for you to print or download.

Statistics on Advance Care Planning

How many Canadians are engaged in advance care planning? This Infographic provides some important stats and facts.

Got a Severe Case of Ostrich Syndrome

This Infographic urges people to engage in advance care planning- using a novel message “It’s time to take your head out of the sand and talk about your end-of-life wishes.”

Advance Care Planning in Canada infographic (New!)

Advance Care Planning info poster

Remember the laws about advance care planning vary in each province/territory. To learn more about your local resources and legal requirements, Click here!