Our Purpose & Programs

Our website highlights the latest news, updates, activities, and events regarding advance care planning across the advance care planning community in Canada. While providing these updates, we also provide a repository of resources and tools developed for professionals and patients/individuals to assist them in making the appropriate decision regarding their end of life care.

To promote our resources, information and best practices to our audience we provide monthly e-blasts, social media updates through our accounts on; Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as our various partnerships with national, provincial/territorial, and community groups across Canada.

The ACP initiative involves a series of public education and awareness campaigns, support of community-based ACP programs, and promotion of ACP resources and guides.

Advance Care Planning National Framework

Advance Care Planning in Canada held upstream consultations in the Spring of 2019. The resulting data was complied and an updated National Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Canada Framework was released in the Fall of 2019. The Framework contains a plan for implementation and broadening collaboration among different jurisdictions (local, provincial/territorial, national) and systems.

Making ACP More Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

The project aims to increase the accessibility of ACP information and resources so that everyone in Canada can actively participate in planning for their future health and personal care. These resources will be developed and adapted in collaboration and consultation with key stakeholders and advocates in the disability community, and those facilitating advance care planning across Canada.

ACP in Canada National Poll

Advance Care Planning in Canada commissioned a national poll in collaboration with Nanos (2019). The poll asked (n= 2,948) Canadian adults about their end of life care planning; What makes it easier to have a discussion? What makes it tough to make a plan? Results are available by jurisdiction. Read the report and download the infographic now.

ACP in Canada Public Awareness

ACP Canada runs an annual ACP Day campaign on April 16th, and is also developing additional campaigns to reach specific target groups and expand ACP outreach. Learn more about the ACP Day campaign.