Published on December 14, 2020
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Your Community Cares

Submitted by Cari Borenko (Hoffmann), Lead Advance Care Planning Fraser Health, BC, Canada

The Aging Well, Planning Well initiative is part of the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice Older Adults with Complex Conditions Shared Care project. The Older Adults project has multiple partners and supports doctors, other health professionals, and community leaders to better coordinate care for older adults. The project is focused on advance care planning and the prevention and management of chronic health conditions. Fraser Health’s Advance Care Planning team & expertise contributed to the success of this initiative.

The project team was organizing a large education and resource event for seniors in Abbotsford and then the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. The Committee decided to cancel the event due to safety precautions and to provide a lot of the education that was going to be provided at the event through a magazine, website, and video series.

The results:

Feel free to reach out to the Fraser Health Advance Care Planning team with any questions, comments or inquiries.