Published on December 2, 2020
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(Animated Video) Dis-moi – Performed by Jessy Lindsay

The Advance Care Planning Initiative in Canada, led by Canadian Hospice Palliative Association (CHPCA) and popular Canadian singer-songwriter Tara Shannon have written a song called ‘Dis-moi’ to help raise awareness around the #SpeakUp campaign. The initiative serves to engage Canadians in having conversations about future health care needs in the event you are not able to speak for yourself. Performed by Jessy Lindsay, “Dis-moi” provides a wonderful compassionate way to start the conversation. Advance Care Planning is about ensuring your values, beliefs and wishes are respected. It’s about how we care for each other.

The goal was to “highlight the importance of having these conversations and show that it doesn’t have to be seen as something that is difficult or overwhelming to talk about thanks to ACP’s streamlined and accessible approach” says Brendan Huza, producer of the video.

Tara Shannon and co-writer Hayley McLean penned the song ‘Dis-moi’ in support of Advance Care Planning in Canada’s #SpeakUp campaign. The lyrics encourage people across Canada and beyond our borders to have important conversations with their loved ones.

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