Marjorie Goodfellow knows what she wants – not to die like her mother. Dian Cohen’s health care experiences have helped her make some important decisions. And Belinda Hannan has realized that you don’t have to be old to die.

These three women have realized the value of advance care planning – but sadly, many other Canadians have not talked to their family or doctor about their preferences for care if they were unable to speak for themselves. The Speak Up campaign aims to change that, with tools and resources designed to get the conversation going.

Share your story with us. Maybe you have had a conversation with your family and friends – tell us how that went. Maybe you have lost a loved one and they had a conversation with you beforehand so you knew their wishes. Or maybe you lost someone and wished you had had the conversation. Whatever your story, we invite you to share it with others – it could help them.

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