We know that advances in prostate cancer have increased survivorship – but we also know that every Canadian will someday face end-of-life decisions. Give the gift of knowledge to your loved ones by sharing your wishes and values. Make your plan – and share it with those you love.

TrueNTH Lockup Final Sept 2015

Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Canada is collaborating with Prostate Cancer Canada on a groundbreaking new project: TrueNTH Advance Care Planning: Support for Men with Prostate Cancer, their Partners, Families and Caregivers. True NTH has been made possible by the Movember Foundation, which is part of a global initiative to raise awareness about men’s health issues, including cancer.


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Are you interested in helping us spreading the word about Advance Care Planning among men with prostate cancer and their loved ones? Contact us at info@advancecareplanning.ca for more information.