Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Updated September 2021

The Living Well, Planning Well toolkit for lawyers has been updated in Fall 2021 to reflect changes in legal terminology and provincial legislation.

The toolkit was created by Advance Care Planning in Canada and two legal firm partners: TorkinManes (Toronto, ON) and HarperGrey (Vancouver, BC). Its development was funded by Health Canada as part of a $1.9 million funded project over three years to help people living in Canada prepare for their future health care needs.

The legal toolkit is designed to help lawyers and their clients go through the process of ACP. The toolkit provides information about the importance of ACP and its role within future life planning in general (e.g., estates and wills, life insurance, investment planning). It also covers different scenarios, prompts, and precedent clauses that lawyers can use to start ACP conversations with their clients. This toolkit can help lawyers make a significant difference in their clients’ lives by encouraging them to reflect on and discuss their wishes, choose appropriate SDMs and alternates, and share their wishes with their SDMs and health care providers.