Tools for Health Care Professionals

The “Just Ask” conversation card – Advance Care Planning

Talking to families and patients about Advance Care Planning.

Questions to ask patients
E.g., Have you talked to your SDM (or anyone else) about your wishes or preferences for health care decisions that may come up? May I ask what you discussed?

Questions to ask yourself
E.g., Did I ask my patient about preferences for end-of-life care?

The “Just Ask” conversation guide – Goals of Care

This Guide provides a framework including ‘scripts’ to assist you with engaging patients and/or their substitute decision makers in goals of care conversations that lead to medical orders for the use or non-use of life-sustaining treatments.

End-of-life Discussions

The top 5 things to talk about with patients and their families

What are the most important things for health care teams to talk about in end-of-life discussions with patients in hospital and their families? A new study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) asked older patients and their families for their top priorities and found gaps between what patients would like and the care they actually receive.

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Research Paper

What really matters in end-of-life discussions?

Perspectives of patients in hospital with serious illness and their families.

A team of researchers with backgrounds in general internal medicine, critical care medicine and palliative care surveyed 233 older adults in hospital with serious illnesses and 205 family members about the importance of the 11 guideline-recommended elements of end-of-life care.

John J. You MD MSc, Peter Dodek MD MHSc, Francois Lamontagne MD MSc, James Downar MDCM MHSc,Tasnim Sinuff MD PhD, Xuran Jiang BM MSc, Andrew G. Day MSc, Daren K. Heyland MD MSc; for the ACCEPT Study Team and the Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network (CARENET)

Research Paper