Last Updated: January 21, 2022

With Canadian long-term care homes having been disproportionally impacted by COVID-19, the need for a palliative approach to care, advance care planning and goals of care in long-term care is more evident than ever before.

In March and April 2021, the Strengthening a Palliative Approach in Long-Term Care conducted a pan-Canadian environmental scan to examine current long-term care practice as it pertains to a palliative approach to care, including advance care planning and goals of care, in the environment of COVID-19.

The scan presents impactful findings from stakeholder interviews with leading authorities, including long-term care staff and representatives of provincial organizations that focus on end-of-life care.

Participants were asked about:

  • their most pressing needs
  • where people are most likely to find resources
  • best ways to disseminate resources to families and staff

The results of this scan will inform the work of ACP in Canada and our partners as we continue to develop resources for long-term care practitioners across Canada.