2019/04/16 00:00:00

April 16

Thank you to everyone who participated in yet another lively ACP Day campaign!

***You can read the full ACP Day 2019 Report here.***

An infographic was also created to showcase the impact of this year’s campaign. You can find it here.

The theme for this year’s campaign is around making sure the people around you know your values and wishes. People can be surprised by the space between what they want and what their loved ones think they want. But the space between guessing and knowing can be closed with a conversation.

Our free downloadable resources are available to help you promote this important day. If you have a special request or questions about the campaign, please contact Chad Hammond at chammond@chpca.net.

Please feel free to link to our Youtube videos and resource library – and where possible, please use the #ACPDay2019 and #TheyKnowMeWell hashtags. Thank you!

If you require printed materials such as printed posters, workbooks, wallet cards, etc., please visit the CHPCA Marketplace.

For information about our campaign themes from previous years, please click here.

Campaign theme:They Know Me Well

Posters – Put up a poster at your clinic, community centre, or library to promote advance care planning.

  1. ACP Day 2019 – Download the Speak Up version or Download a version with space for the logo of your organization.

Pamphlet – A good resource for people who want to start the conversation with their loved ones.  

Wallet Card/Bookmark – Perfect for waiting rooms and as handouts at events.

Stickers/Buttons – Let everyone know you’ve made a plan!

Faith Letter – A letter that you can send to faith groups in your community. Use the template or customize it to come from you or your organization.

Blog – The space between guessing and knowing can be closed with a conversation.

Email Template – Use this e-mail template to spread the word about advance care planning to members of your organization.

Social Networking Messages – Suggested Twitter/Facebook messages – don’t forget to use the #ACPDay2019 and #TheyKnowMeWell hashtags!

PowerPoint Presentation – An overview of the 5 Steps to advance care planning, ACP Day, and the resources available through Speak Up.

News Release – Use this release to send to your local media or as a guide to create your own custom release.

Web Button – For your website home page.

Workbooks – We have National and Provincial workbooks and guides, as well as a National Online Interactive workbook.

Conversation Starters – Great ways to get the conversation started.

Guide for Health Care Professionals – Our Just Ask card and Goals of Care booklet can help you have important conversations with patients and families.

Game : How Well Do You Know Me?  – A playful card-based game to test your family and friends knowledge. Sit with your loved ones or your substitute decision maker and ask any of the 10 questions in this not-so-trivial pursuit of clarifying your wishes and values for your future care.