Published on December 15, 2020
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What brings you joy?

What does a great day look like to you? Does your family or your Substitute Decision Maker know?

This holiday season, take time to share your hopes, dreads, joys, and values. Honest conversations help those in your life understand who you are as a person and what preferences you’d want in a healthcare emergency. 

Joy Lists: A Conversation With Andrew Saunderson 

Join Advance Care Planning in Canada for a conversation with Andrew Saunderson. Andrew Saunderson is a Registered Social Worker who has worked in both acute care and community settings in the areas of oncology, cardiology, HIV/AIDS, and substance use.

Throughout his career, Andrew has consistently engaged in the implementation of Advance Care Planning. Andrew finds joy in both learning and teaching, and has attended and facilitated various Advance Care Planning and Serious Illness Conversation educational events. Today, we are speaking about Joy Lists, and how they can provide comfort and important lessons during the span of one’s life.

A Conversation With: C. Elizabeth Dougherty

Join Advance Care Planning in Canada for a conversation with C. Elizabeth Dougherty.

Elizabeth is a clinical Social Worker and educator with extensive experience supporting children, youth and adults facing serious illness, uncertainty and grief.

After specializing in Palliative Care at the largest cancer treatment centre in Canada, Elizabeth started a community-based private practice supporting individuals and families of all ages from diagnosis to bereavement.

Elizabeth collaborates on multiple initiatives advocating for greater access to high quality Palliative and end-of-life care while teaching courses, seminars and workshops across disciplines, settings and sectors.

To connect with Elizabeth, visit 

(Animated Video) Dis-moi – Performed by Jessy Lindsay

The goal was to “highlight the importance of having these conversations and show that it doesn’t have to be seen as something that is difficult or overwhelming to talk about thanks to ACP’s streamlined and accessible approach” says Brendan Huza, producer of the video.

Tara Shannon and co-writer Hayley McLean penned the song ‘Dis-moi’ in support of Advance Care Planning in Canada’s #SpeakUp campaign. The lyrics encourage people across Canada and beyond our borders to have important conversations with their loved ones.

For more of Brendan’s work, visit