Published on November 9, 2020
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CASW & Fraser Health co-host two Advance Care Planning Webinars!

Fraser Health Advance Care Planning is pleased to share that over 300 social workers joined in across Canada – from Newfoundland & Nova Scotia to Manitoba & Saskatchewan to Alberta & BC.

Social workers’ scope and skill set – whether supporting people in private practice, community services, corrections or health care – lends itself to being leaders in Advance Care Planning. Participants learned about the importance of planning in advance for future health care – for themselves and their clients. Through this interactive series, Canadian social workers were supported to create action plans and advocate for social work leadership.

Part 1: Information Sharing

Objectives: Understand the various ways to plan in advance for health care (Advance Care Planning), a process that starts when we are young adults and healthy, as well as when we have chronic & serious illnesses

Learn about the vital role of Social Workers in Advance Care Planning processes – whether you work in private practice, health care, community services, provincial or federal government organizations (Corrections, Veterans Affairs, etc), Advance Care Planning is relevant for you and your clients!


Or click here to watch part one on YouTube!

Part 2: Action Planning

Objectives: Create action plans for yourself, your practice, your organization and/or professional association.

Or click here to watch part two on YouTube!