Published on June 1, 2021
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You may have noticed that the “Speak Up” logo has recently been replaced with “Advance Care Planning Canada” on ACP’s web site and social media channels.

The “Speak Up” campaign and tagline were launched in tandem with the ACP in Canada web site in 2008 as a clear call to action for Canadians to raise the subject of conversations around ACP, and has since been an important part of ACP in Canada’s visual identity. But all things must evolve, and after researching branding practices of other national ACP organizations, the decision was made to refresh our brand to simply “Advance Care Planning Canada”. The logo will be updated on all of our resources moving forward.

We’re also using #ACPinCanada and #PPSauCanada to help build stronger community engagement and awareness on social media.

You can listen to our podcast for more background about the history of the ACP in Canada project.

We like the new logo and hope you do too!