Members of the Community of Practice have established a video library where you can share videos or links to videos. If you have a video to share, please email Louise Hanvey, Advance Care Project Director at: [email protected].

Audio Recording:

Watch our Speak Up: Advance Care Planning video titled “Conversations”
“Conversations” features real-life stories and thoughts from researchers, health professionals and family members about sharing our thoughts for end of life care.


Check out our new video on Advance Care Planning for men with prostate cancer!

Watch our Speak Up: Advance Care Planning Video

Conversations Matter – Alberta Health Services
Alberta Health Services has developed two videos relating to advance care planning and goals of care. They are:

  • Conversations Matter – Advance Care Planning – a 7-minute video that outlines the 5 steps every adult should take to ensure their wishes and values about health care are known.
  • Conversations Matter – Goals of Care – an 8-minute video that describes three general approaches to care, or Goals of Care: Resuscitative Care, Medical Care and Comfort Care. In a world where we are inundated with unrealistic depictions of medical interventions and health circumstances in popular television program and movies, this video provides a direct, honest and realistic understanding of current medical care in Alberta.

Advance Care Planning in British Columbia
This video provides information about the advance care planning options available to capable adults in British Columbia.

How to talk end-of-life care with a dying patient
Practicing surgeon Atul Gawande discusses the four important parts of talking with terminally ill patients about their end-of-life care. Rather than pressing patients to make hard decisions, Gawande emphasizes the importance of asking questions about their hopes and fears. View the video.

Advance directives become a legal document (September 1, 2011) – British Columbia
The health care consent legislation changed in British Columbia September, 2011. Dr. Doris Barwich, Program Medical Director for the End of Life Care program at Fraser Health explains the changes and answers some of the questions that many physicians may have on their mind. View the video.

Advance Care Planning Videos – Fraser Health, British Columbia
These videos show how advance care planning can help family members express their wishes.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

  • Dr. Mike Harlos talks about Advance Care Planning Conversations (Length – 18:01 minutes)
    In this video Dr. Mike Harlos discusses the foundations for conversations about advance care planning, your own framework and present a balance in your conversations. Dr. Harlos also discusses how to start the conversation about advance care planning and end of life care.
  • “It’s All About Communication” Module
    In this video Dr. Mike Harlos sets the stage for productive Advance Care Planning – Goals of Care discussions and provides examples of phrases to use during the conversation. View the video. You can also download this presentation.