Alberta Health Services – Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care resources
These resources for you as a health care professional will help you help your clients in making critical decisions.

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) and Advance Care
Planning (ACP) Policy
The purpose of this policy is to standardize physician orders regarding code status and scope of treatment decisions in Fraser Health Authority (FHA). As such, this policy will replace the FHA CPR and DNR. Click to read the policy.

Advance Care Planning: Goals of Care Designation (Adult) Policy – Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
This is a policy intended to standardize the processes for:?Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care;? Communication and documentation of Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care decisions; and Dispute resolution mechanisms regarding these issues. This policy is in effect only within the Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone. Click to read the policy.

Workflow processes – Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
This link provides guidelines/processes for:

  • Arriving at a Goals of Care Designation
  • Core Elements of Goals of Care Discussion
  • Focus for Goals of Care
  • Goals of Care Designation Order
  • Green Sleeve
  • Sector Specific Workflow Processes

These processes are only in effect in the Calgary Zone.

Goals of Care Designation Order Form – Alberta Health Services
This form is used to order and communicate the current Goals of Care Designation arrived at through advance care planning conversations. Where electronic health records are used, this is in electronic order format. The Goals of Care Designations are defined? on the back page of the GCD Order form and explains the Goals of Care Designations in detail. Click to read the order form.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tracking Record – Alberta Health Services
This is a form where Goals of Care conversation outcomes are documented. This form accompanies the patient to any location of care so that it is available to their care providers. Click to read the tracking record.

Covenant Health Acute Care – Goals of Care Workflow Process
The document highlights the process for ordering materials through Datagroup, the process for writing a GCD order on admission, and management of documents at the time of transfer and discharge. Click to read the workflow process

ACP Policy – Humber River Hospital Advance Care Planning is a way to help you think about, talk about and share the goals for your future health care (that is your “goals of care”) Attached is the ACP Policy for information

Goals of Care Order Form – Humber River Hospital Goals of Care: What you hope the treatments and interventions will do for you during your time of illness. Also see ACP Policy – Humber River Hospital. Goals of Care Order Form

Manitoba Advance Care Planning Workbook

Manitoba Health Sciences Centre Advance Care Planning and “living Will” notation

Death with Dying and the Manitoba link on Advance Care Planning

Manitoba page for Virtual Hospice on Advance Care Planning

Manitoba Patient Advocate Form

Sample Manitoba Enduring Power of Attorney (non-spousal which allows potential sale of Family Home)