2013 CHPCA Conference
The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Conference is the foremost national conference in Canada focusing on hospice palliative care. This year’s conference, Integrating Hospice Palliative Care into Health Care: Moving Forward, took place from October 31 to November 3, 2013 in Ottawa, Ontario at the Westin Ottawa. The conference provided doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospice palliative care and other allied healthcare professionals; and caregivers, volunteers, spiritual advisers, and social workers with the opportunity to share their experience and expertise on a national platform. Click to view the ACP related workshops and presentations.

2012 Banff Learning Institute
In June, 2012, the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association hosted the first Learning Institute in Banff, Alberta. The Institute included a day and a half workshop on communications and advance care planning. Click to view the PowerPoint presentations from Stream Three on Awareness, Information, Social Media and Advance Care Planning.

Advance Care Planning – Cari Hoffman, Fraser Health
This PowerPoint slide deck provides content for a daylong workshop intended to introduce advance care planning to professionals and help the to build skills. There is information specific to the BC Context and it covers the following topics:

  • Review of Advance Care Planning
  • Legal, Moral, Ethical Aspects
  • Communication Skills – DVD
  • Skills Based Exercises
  • Implementation of ACP and Resourcesh

Advance Care Planning in Relation to Health Care Consent: Training Materials
The Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning Community of Practice has created public education materials that teach advance care planning in relation to Health Care Consent and a healthcare provider education session to teach Health Care Consent in relation to advance care planning. There is a PowerPoint presentation and a Facilitator’s Guide for the public and healthcare provider sessions. (Oct 2013. Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Knowledge Exchange.)

For Health Care Providers:

Goals of Care Policy ELearning Module (Adults) – Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
The module:

  • Explains the RMC framework that guides clinical interventions in times of crisis and throughout an individual’s course in the healthcare system.
  • Highlights the process of determining a goal of care through understanding an individual’s wishes, goals and values for health care and presenting essential clinical information that impacts the decisions regarding medically appropriate interventions.
  • Introduces the forms necessary for communicating the health care intervention decisions to all teams anywhere in the system.

It is interactive and 30 minutes in length.

My Voice – Planning Ahead ELearning Module – Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
This Module is intended for clinicians. It aims to help them to further understand the process of how Advance Care Planning contributes to Goals of Care conversations and determinations.

Provincial Health Services Authority – BC Cancer Agency Course
As a learning organization, the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) provides courses and other learning opportunities designed to help you continuously develop your skills, knowledge, and competencies – for today and for the future.
Log onto the website to access BC Cancer Agency’s course Introduction to Advance Care Planning. Users must sign up on the Learning Hub for a free user-id to access it. https://learninghub.phsa.ca/