Dian Cohen has had first hand experience being in intensive care in a hospital – and that has given her a unique insight into the decisions that she would like others to make on her behalf if she could no longer speak for herself.

“I had a fairly traumatic health scare some time ago,” she says. “At the time, I wasn’t thinking about the future – but now, as I get older, I understand that this could happen again. It’s important to be clear about the care that I want – and don’t want.”

Mrs. Cohen is an economist, author and journalist who has counseled Canadians on money management for over 40 years. Now, as she tailors her presentations more towards estate planning, she is also encouraging others to make their Advance Care Plan – not just for themselves, but to give friends and family the confidence to make important decisions on their behalf.

“People somehow have this superstition that if you talk about it, it might happen,” she says. “ But if we don’t speak up, how will others know how to help us? That’s an awful burden to leave behind.”

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