The Advance Care Planning in Canada Project recently conducted a survey through our subscriber database to learn what was going on across the country for April 16th, National Advance Care Planning Day. We hope this list will give you inspiration for your own National ACP Day activities.

Our stakeholders are:

  • Raising awareness with education boards, booths, kiosks, and displays in public areas (e.g. doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, senior’s centre) and handing out pamphlets, postcards and other information material. Download the Speak Up campaign kit
  • Using our videos in their in-house TV systems. Download the videos
  • Wearing stickers that say, “Ask me about Speak Up”. Download stickers and buttons
  • Promoting National ACP Day on Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrating ACP information on websites and in newsletters
  • Holding a day for professionals to come together to do their own advance care planning
  • Doing community presentations to retirement homes and in public libraries
  • Hosting a booth at the local Home Show
  • Sending out a media release. See our campaign kit for templates.
  • Organizing speaking engagements with volunteers and healthcare providers
  • Holding an evening reception with an ACP art display from community artists
  • Educating staff, service groups, community clubs, and community agencies
  • Integrating National ACP Day in the hospital/hospice day program. Learn about ACP news
  • Organizing a free community education event at a local senior’s centre including an introduction to the ACP tool kit
  • Highlighting the importance of advance care planning in educational settings
  • Arranging open house events at hospices
  • Integrating teasers on ACP in Rural Road Show
  • Sending emails with information about National ACP Day to stakeholders
  • Playing ACP videos at palliative interprofessional rounds. Download the videos
  • Arranging radio and television shows
  • Offering information sessions in hospitals
  • Organizing workshops to create an interprofessional team of ACP champions across all units of the hospital
  • Doing an ACP related webinar for front line staff and support staff
  • Getting together 12 doctors and 12 engaged community seniors to do their own advance care planning and to motivate them to become champions
  • Assisting clients with their advance care plan
  • Offering law school based counseling for clients

ACP Champions are regularly using our Speak Up materials, the top tools are the workbooks, posters and videos. Our stakeholders are telling us:

“It’s a great campaign and the resources are very useful, keep up the good work!”

“Great program; lots of resources. Given that the first emphasis has been on providing info to professionals, is there a way now to reach lay people / eg. end user.”

“The Speak Up COP [Community of Practice] has made this work less lonely and has been a great support in the work I do!”