Web buttons (also known as web banners) are graphics that usually include an image, a short message, and a link to a website for more information on a particular campaign. They are made so that an organization or individual may share them with their networks, and include a HTML code that allows them to be posted to a website.

Speak Up has created a button to promote advance care planning in Canada. You can become an advocate for our Speak Up campaign by posting a web button to your website, blog, and certain social networking sites.

Below you will find the HTML code for the graphic which you can copy and paste directly into the source code of your website.

Speak Up

Please copy the code snippet in the box below to place on your site:

<p><a href=”” target=”_new”><img title=”Speak Up” alt=”Speak Up” src=”http://www.advancecareplanning.ca/media/9643/img_speakup_logo_en.jpg” height=”115″ width=”220″ /></a></p>

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